Which shops have the best menu design? Here’s a photo I took today of the menu board at Giant Coffee (downtown Phoenix). It’s all chalk (I think) and I love the colors.

giant coffee arizona

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Anthony

    just went to Royal @ the Biltmore last night, thought the handwritten menu on plain brown paper was nice and to-the-point.


  2. That’s a board that’s easy on the eyes and readable. Saw one in Greater Boston the other day that was all over the place and smudged up.

  3. Nice board! I am actually a “chalkboard artist” myself. I am hoping that more coffee shops look to have professional menus done. Like Theo mentioned a lot of boards look really rushed and messy. But I am hoping to change that! http://bit.ly/hCidft

  4. ann

    i just saw the new menu board at buzzberry and it’s beautiful! you should check it out..they have a new drive thru (called a buzzthru) too…it’s my new favorite hangout

  5. Paul Valente

    I did the new Buzzberry menu board, I’m glad you like it 🙂