Wow, what a year this has been. Filled with delight and tragedy, and hopefully with some good coffee for all of the readers. I’ve decided to do my usual “Best of” post this year, like I did in 2005, 2006, and 2007. This year I posted 251 times on Arizona Coffee. Cool!



  • Twitter — This was the year Arizona Coffee started a Twitter account, and so far so good! Almost 700 followers.











We lost a lot of really great coffee houses this year due to various closings (at least a dozen). But we also had some great shops open in their place.

Thanks again for another great year! Thank you for continuing to read Arizona Coffee and for supporting my 2008 sponsors… ValleyWide Coffee Service, Intatto Coffee, Café Cortez, The Nine Bar Coffee Roasting Company, American Paper Distribution, and BuzzMug.

Goals for next year: 1. Start a marketing campaign called “Buy Local Coffee” and provide material to coffee houses who participate for free. 2. Start an annual “Arizona Coffee Readers Choice Award” where we have online voting for best coffee house (and a variety of categories). 3. Get more stickers. 4. Have more in-person events (hopefully 4-5 this year).

Happy New Year!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Very cool post… Looking forward to some of the things you are working on! There have been some good light rail pub crawls announced, maybe we need some light rail coffee crawls. 🙂

  2. Chris. On behalf of all of us at Cortez Coffee and my customers thank you for all your help. In a challenging year like the one we had is good to know that you were there and of great help to all of us. Thank you and have a great year, you deserve it.

  3. Danny

    Follow you on twitter. Read most posts even if though I’m in Tucson not Phx.

  4. Pierce/Bear

    Suffice to say: may 2009 be a better year———-2008 was not one that I wish to remember.

  5. hb

    I wish a Happy New Year to everyone, my lost is that I had to move out of the country due to a career opportunity. I miss all the great coffee houses.
    I will still read az coffee and hopefully I can visit Phoenix soon. I wish the best to all.

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