The Phoenix New Times says Arizona Coffee is the “Best Local Blog about Coffee.”

Here’s what they said:

Chris Tingom knows coffee like a veteran barista knows “the shakes.” Lucky for us, he’s got a steady photo hand, despite all of his caffeine consumption. Tingom brews Arizona’s ultimate coffee blog day in and day out: Arizona Coffee. Tingom delicately balances news posts about coffee openings and closings with full-flavored analysis, written with a level of detail and research usually reserved for medical journals. We’re especially fond of his “Latte Art Throwdown” coverage. Checking out Tingom’s photos is almost like drinking the real thing.

Thanks everybody!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Congratulations, Chris. Definitely well deserved.

  2. Thanks Bill, Ginger, and Steve! Bill – I was just over at Copper Star this morning! The espresso was excellent.

  3. Brian Clemens

    Well deserved Chris….only if the award was a lifetime supply of free coffee at all of the coffee houses you frequent…however I know you wouldn’t take that because you love to support these coffee houses. Your a good man Chris! Thank you!

  4. Jason Ayers

    Congratulations Chris! Have fun packing up the espresso machine for the new office.

  5. SK

    Congrats Chris!!!!!!! Thank you for the continued support of Arizona coffee and its local coffee shops!!!

  6. Todd

    Chris Rocks! Thanks for thinking up this wonderful website allowing people from across Arizona (and across the Nation!) to gather and discuss the future of coffee in Arizona. I look forward to see what comes next!

  7. hb

    Congrats Chris… Well deserved recognition. Keep up the good work…