Next time you drive through Sedona, be sure to stop in and visit Bike & Bean. Rebecca just posted a comment in my post about Sedona coffee and I wanted to post something so everyone saw it.

I have actually visited Bike & Bean once and couldn’t remember the name… it was about 4 years ago. A friend and I took a nice weekend trip to Sedona and hiked in Oak Creek Canyon. We stopped and had a coffee at Bike & Bean on the way back to Phoenix. Neat place!

Bike & Bean
6020 Highway 179
Sedona, AZ 86351
(928) 284-0210

Arizona Coffee

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  1. dwnhillwzl

    Just found this site today, many kudos..
    I have been to the bike and bean many times, they are extremely friendly and you can get a great cup of coffee there. I would recommend it to anyone that likes bikes or coffee, there is a cool vibe in the shop that you cannot find in most places. .. good people..

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Glad you found the site.