I’ve been drinking a coffee from Black River Coffee called Black-River-Gold-Mine.

A light-medium roast coffee with lots of bold flavors. Could be a good daily drinker, as it’s smooth and nutty. Almost a walnut taste, perhaps. I’ve been brewing this as a daily drinker this week, and will keep drinking it next week. Very low on the bitter, and more towards the sweet side.

Michael Baxter is the owner/roaster, and he originally reached out to me about being added to the list of coffee roasters. Michael describes his business as a micro batch roaster, specializing in select Central & South American coffees.

The owner of Black River Coffee brought me two different samples of this roast, one darker and one lighter. I preferred the light-medium roast (described here), but the dark roast was interesting for other reasons (I don’t drink too much dark roasted coffee, and this was one of my favorites).

Check them out at blackrivercoffee.com.

Arizona Coffee

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