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  1. Techniques of the Barista should be required reading by anyone aspiring to become a professional barista. Schomer has an eloquent writing style that is both informative and amusing.

  2. I’ve got the books and one of the video’s. It’s 101 stuff for anyone serious about the coffee biz. The awesome part of the video is the way he pronounces the drink names. Good stuff!!!

  3. Todd

    I’ve got to find these and give them a look-see. I’ve always heard great things about David Schomer.

  4. I wouldn’t touch these books, unless you want to make really good espresso. Then they’re a must-have.

  5. Mitch

    I’ve read espresso techniques and I have both videos. A must read and/or watch for anyone serious about coffee.

  6. Karumbaiah

    I am looking for book coffee plantation. Appriciate your help, if you could provide me some details if any.