Ever have that feeling where you’ve just spent an hour cleaning the kitchen and don’t feel like doing any more dishes? That happened to me, so we went out to coffee and breakfast!


We ended up at Altitude Coffee Lab over in Scottsdale, AZ. We often end up here, probably due to the proximity to our home and because we like the lake. If you’ve never been here before, be sure to save a few minutes to walk out back by the lake.


Or, you can be lazy and watch all of the people jog and bike past while you down another one of Altitude’s delicious pastries. Life is short, after all.


Breakfast options at Altitude are pretty good. They have a pretty great breakfast burrito that I like a lot. It cuts into four big chunks and is about $10. Kind of expensive, but this is Scottsdale.


I had the Gibraltar coffee drink, which is something I occasionally get. Kind of a nice way to mix it up.


Altitude Coffee roasts all of their own coffee beans, and has a bakery in the store as well. They do fresh baked pastries that you can order almost any time.


The company is serious about their coffee as well. They’ve hosted latte art competitions, and their baristas have been helpful to other coffee shops in the valley.

Getting there

So, give Altitude Coffee Lab a try the next time you are in Scottsdale. They’re located north of Via de Ventura on Hayden Rd.

Altitude Coffee Lab
8320 N. Hayden Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: (480) 878-5611

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