I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t expect much when it comes to coffee at restaurants. For one, they don’t make coffee their primary business and frankly, people don’t always care.

But I do, and some times when you find a gem that does a great breakfast + coffee / espresso, you go back.

All that to say, Butterfield’s Pancake House (in Scottsdale on Shea Blvd east of Scottsdale Rd. at 74th St.) isn’t that place. This photo is of my cappuccino from a recent visit. It was bland, and the foam was the kind of bubbly that you would rather see on top of a lemon meringue pie.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Can’t stand it when the foam sits on top of the coffee like a cloud, this is purely down to the milk being overheated to scolding point and then chucked on top! The milk needs to be incorporated into the coffee ensuring that the milk jug is tapped on a hard surface to remove the bubbles.

  2. steve

    The above comment is false. Foam is created by allowing more air into the milk as its being steamed, also know as texturing. This can be done at minimal temperatures as well. The last comment (tapping)in the statement is somewhat true depending on the texture of the micro/foam.

  3. Not Steve

    Really, your both right. If you steam the milk and let it sit you can scoop the foam out, like a really dry moc, or you texture it and the milk comes out more velvety. 6\half dozen, and it really comes down to preference and personal taste.

  4. Sarah

    I think the opener about never ordering espresso drinks at a restaurant is correct. Their efforts are going toward the food, not the cappuchino. There are a couple of breakfast-heavy places where I’ve found quite good regular black coffee, but even those are an exception rather than a rule.

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