The desert duo: Brian Clemens and Jason Calhoon team up to do something related to coffee. Anybody want to take a guess about what they’re up to?

Brian has worked at three valley coffee establishments and Jason has operated his own shop, and worked for others. My guess is they open a coffee shop within the next year. Best wishes to both of them!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Larry

    Getting married under a coffee tree?

  2. Psyd

    Hey, Brian! Kwit poachin’ our talent pool!
    I gotta say, I’m happy about the merger, but disappointed with the location…
    We’ll miss you in the old neighborhood, Jason. I wish you could poached Brian for this area, but now I’ll actually *have* to make to to PHX fairly regularly… ; >

  3. PhatPhred

    Life had to really bad at Avenue

  4. Joseph

    Is it a boy or a girl? Or are you letting it be a surprise?