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I always like to point out local people making a difference in the coffee scene and today I’d like to highlight the awesome photography of Bryan Schiele.

Bryan is a photographer by hobby, and he’s been making exceptional photographs and sharing them on Instagram. I say hobby, but he also does commercial photography for real estate projects.

You can view Bryan Schiele’s Instagram photos on Instagram at @bryanschiele

As you can see, Bryan has an exceptional talent for capturing photos. In a recent podcast interview he described his process. Perhaps the most interesting thing is how he gets the awesome colored backgrounds for his photos. To accomplish that effect, he uses simple colored paper.

A photo posted by Bryan Schiele (@bryanschiele) on

Bryan takes all of his photos using a DSLR which he then edits for placement in Instagram. The photos are unique, colorful, and always fun to see on Instagram. Plus, he’s been trying a lot of cool roasters and shares his thoughts about each coffee he is sampling.

Check out more photos on:

Bryan shoot with a 5Dmkiii and a 50mm 1.4 lens with supplemental lighting.

A photo posted by Bryan Schiele (@bryanschiele) on

A photo posted by Bryan Schiele (@bryanschiele) on

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