It was only 7 months ago that Bunna Coffee moved to a new and much larger location in East Mesa. But now they are closed. Unfortunately, it looks like they were not able to generate enough business.

Sorry to hear about a shop like this closing, and especially sorry for Mesa which is like Death Valley for coffee shops (what I mean: There aren’t many coffee shops in Mesa!).

The owners have published the following message on their Facebook page:

Bunna Coffee Closed For Good

I am sorry to inform all of our customers that we have come to meet and know that Bunna Coffee is closing its doors for good.

After 7 months of trying to make this little café work, it has not. It has been a struggle from the beginning and sometimes it seemed like our numbers were getting better but they were never enough to support the business.

We gave it our best. No one can say we didn’t try.

Me, my wife, and all the staff, want to thank all of you for your wonderful patronage in these months that we have come to know all of you.

Adolpho Rios

Thanks to Dipak Panchal for the tip.

Arizona Coffee

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