There are a surprising number of coffee roasters in Arizona (about 26) and the following ones offer online ordering (14 of them, or a little bit more than half).

If you order from a local company, let them know you heard about them on Arizona Coffee.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Where ever do you find the time?

  2. lilotaku

    Anyone have any reviews on these roasters on the forums? I personally have tried Rocket Coffee Roasters and Adventure Coffee Roasting and both are very good and highly recommended.

  3. I have to give a nod to Larry @ Rocket Coffee. His El Salvador Santa Sofia was great!

  4. Thanks guys…it does my heart good hearing other’s cringe!

    ps. how quick can CHRIS bury this post?

  5. Larry, you’re mistaken if you feel that I want to bury this post for some reason (or the comments). I have no qualms about saying your coffee is awesome, because it is. I’ve said that before and if I change my mind I will let you know.

    Please look at this from my angle. If I had simply published the list you sent, all of the comments would have been about how “we sell our coffee online, too!” and “you forgot about xyz roaster.”

    Your list was great, but I am not able to explain the nuances of each coffee roasters product. So my options were to either post what you sent (which was great, but not comprehensive) or post something that was comprehensive in its reporting.

    While I’m at it, I’ve noticed a certain attitude from you that I don’t understand. I’ve been nothing but kind to you and to your company. If there is a specific situation where you feel I harmed you, I apologize. Indeed, if there is, I can’t remember.

    This has been going on for months now, and all that I can think of is that you’re scared. You constantly bitch on all forms of your competition. If you just try to get along with your colleagues you might find that they can be very nice people.

    Your contributions in the past have been met with optimism from the readers of this site, and I hope you continue to read and contribute.


    P.S. A few links to posts on Arizona Coffee positively referring to Rocket Coffee Roasters in some way.

    High Marks for Rocket Coffee Roasters

    Rocket Reaction

    Arizona Coffee Podcast #1 with Larry Jones of Rocket Coffee Roasters

    Rocket Coffee Roasters

  6. So that’s what it feels like to be publicly bitch slapped.

    You have made a number of personal assumptions in your post that need to be addressed but I will spare our readers the drama and ask that you check your email.

  7. Chris, Thank you for your contribution to the coffee industry. Having a roasting facility in Arizona is not an easy thing. It has a lot of potential, but is not easy. The coffee comunity is a bit opinionated and at the end only nationwide chains seem to trive (that’s why Mr. Jones is a bit frustrated). Perhaps this is a call to work togeter and grow. I have always read this blog and like it’s content. I think that the intention has been sincere and there is a lot of knowledge and effort being served. Keep up the good work and thank you refering people to my site.

  8. Larry, I wasn’t trying to be mean, I think maybe it’s just a personality clash and communicating in written word isn’t working. That’s all.

  9. Ron, thanks! I appreciate the support and you’re welcome.

  10. Chris – You have been more than fair to all posters on this forum, even to the ficticous cheerleader posters that we know exist (yes, I’m afraid there’s a big elephant in the room). Your site has the potential to be a great source of idea exchange without that type of nonsense, which only serves to alienate people. Thanks again for all the time and energy spent promoting quality coffee in AZ.

  11. arianne

    Long I have stood by the sidelines and watched. Coffee is an amazing thing, more business is done over coffee, friendships are built, strengthened, sorted out, rebuilt. Millions of hands (that I give thanks to on a daily basis) willingly pick the fruit that starts so many of our busy days.
    Those hands must certainly end the day wondering and worrying about just getting by, wondering and worrying about rain, insects, birds, and buyers.

    Then there’s Mr. Jones, and from day one his personal podium the arizonacoffee.comuninist.
    We’ve watched his opinion and his attempt to do “coffee according to rocket”.
    His belittling commentary, his monotonous all-knowing diatribe, His holier-than-thou transparent on a good day to shallow on any other day skewing of any and all coffee associates.
    The conquest of Larry, “All praise be to Larry.” Honorable mention should also go to his lackys (poster children) “Jason,who needs girls anyway?” and “I’m to sexy for espresso, Trevino”.
    I’m sort of sad. I have shared the adventures of rocket man with a few close friends, some who knew nothing of coffee. They’ve were the first to sense a tremor in the force. They, not unlike soap opera loyalist, learned the language, identified the suble cuts and slaps, bold inuendos, and crucifixions.
    Saint Chris, trying to play lifeguard, referee, and the U.N. More than once your amazing tollerance was subject to be discussed over coffee. You are a wonderful person.
    With every condesending word Jones betrayed the very foundation of his existance. It is a absolute pleasure to contemplate the possibilities should any of those millions of hands get hold of Jones after rendering one of his narrow minded opinions.
    The coffee culture owes you a debt of gratitude for actually drawing the line, everyone’s seems to have seen it, except Larry.

  12. mikeftrevino

    “I’m to sexy for espresso, Trevino”

    Oh no you didn’t! LOL! I love that title, I’m keeping it.
    Thank you for the compliment. Your negative comment about me in a post I was never involved in, lets me know that I’ve made it. I’m important in this crazy industry. Your jealousy is the best compliment ever.
    Wow! I wonder what you’ll say if you ever taste a coffee made by me. I’m sure it would be a scathing paragraph on my ineptitude. (That is an open invitation to have a free cup of coffee at the Coffee Vein. I work Mon – Fri 7am-2:30pm)

    Am I Rocket Coffee cheerleader? Sure. Larry roasts great coffee. Do Larry, Jason and I, see eye to eye on coffee theory, opinions and practices? Sure. Do we disagree on points? Sure do. Do I know everything about coffee? Hell no. Have I lorded my knowledge over anyone? No, well maybe Martha. (I was smiling as i said that, because that means my last check is in the mail. 😀 )

    You really don’t know me. That is a shame. I’m a great guy. A grumpy puss sometimes, but deep down and all around, a great guy. Your loss.

    Yours truly,

    “I’m too sexy for espresso.” Trevino

  13. Oh yeah, Trevino is awesome. We love Trevino. He made me this macchiato which to date is my favorite. And for the record, it was made with Rocket fuel.

    Thanks for chiming in Mike.


  14. I don’t see local Tucson roaster, Roaster X on your list. We’ve been getting our beans from Aaron at Roaster X for almost four years, and we often receive comments from people that our drinks are the best they’ve ever had. The roasts that we get from Roaster X play a huge role in that.

    Bonnie Vining
    Javalina’s Coffee & Friends
    Tucson, AZ

  15. Bonnie, this is a list of coffee roasters that offer online ordering. Look in the main navigation for a list of all coffee roasters.

  16. Mark

    I bought Turkish/Greek coffee at Hajibaba retail store in Tempe it is made by local co. Momentto Coffee Co. and it blow me away , such a good and fresh taste……. I just want to put a word out about local coffee roasters. Tanx, Mark