I drove up to Cave Creek yesterday for a meeting and stopped at Cave Creek Coffee Company. They have quite the morning rush of customers. I was there at 8 am and was surprised by the number of people coming and going.

I had a few moments so I took this video (before my drink and breakfast burrito — which was excellent — were ready). Anyways, enjoy!

Cave Creek Coffee Company & Wine Purveyors
6033 E. Cave Creek Rd
Cave Creek, AZ 85327

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Angela

    We drove from Flagstaff and went to C4 in June to see Colin Hay in concert. We had such a great time and the iced mocha hit the spot. Your food is also out of this world! Thanks.

  2. Dude that patio looks awesome!

    I wish we had more places like that down in the valley.

  3. Andy, the BEST time I ever had on that patio was 2 years ago — it was pouring rain and I was out there working on my laptop. Awesome.

  4. lane

    Anita you are our hero! You were C4 and we all miss you
    so much. Thank you for what you created..