Cabin Coffee Espresso ArizonaI halfway expected Daniel Boone to meet me at the door when I first made my way over to Cabin Coffee Espresso yesterday. Despite the name, Cabin Coffee is situated in a fairly new shopping center at 67th Ave. & Happy Valley Rd. and is currently making other coffee shops look bad. I was highly impressed.

Cabin Coffee has been open for about 2 years now, and several of their team attended and participated in the Arizona Barista Jam.

I had a latte and it was great. I’d definately have another. They grind per shot, and are even using Rocket Coffee Roasters for their coffee. The latte art is a great touch. I am sure they’ve been practicing latte art quite a bit in the past few months. In Tucson, one of their baristas, Jessica, took home first prize in the latte art contest.

Since it was lunch time, and I was hungry, I decided to try the tomato mozzarella sandwich they had on the menu. It was really quite excellent. The ingredients were all fresh, and it came with a side salad with vinaigrette dressing. The cool thing was that it came with two green olives and a Pepperoncini. It’s almost as if they knew I was coming. Those things are my favorite. This was a rather nice touch.

Glendale Arizona Coffee

The interior of Cabin Coffee is designed to look like a cabin. Watch the video and you can see how it is set up. They have a fireplace with cozy leather ottoman chairs surrounding it.

Glendale Arizona Coffee

Overall: If I lived nearby I’d be there every week. Since I’m about 45 minutes away, I have to wait for my client to set up meetings on the west side of town.

Cabin Coffee is a high quality establishment, that obviously cares about serving a quality coffee beverage, and also cares about good food. It’s not often that I get to visit a coffee shop that is working hard to improve quality like Cabin Coffee. I know they’re also working with Red Rock Foods, which can only mean good things. Five stars.

Cabin Coffee Espresso
6525 W Happy Valley Rd. #C104
Glendale, AZ 85310
Directions: Southeast corner at 67th Ave. & Happy Valley Rd. (Map)
Phone: (623) 939-8343

Glendale Arizona Coffee

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Mike Trevino

    I just have to say I’m glad to see Cabin Coffee getting exposure. That crew was one of the most enthusiastic at the jam. They participated in everything and were lots of fun to meet.
    I promise, when I’m out that way, I’ll stop by for a drink and a chat.

  2. Mike Trevino

    P.S. The Micro-Froth on that Latte looks awesome.

  3. Seriously. They need this exposure, but not as much as coffee-loving consumers need to know about them. I agree with Trevino. The whole crew was nothing but a pool of passion and desire to do more, to do better, to do things right.

    I’ve never been there, but having met the crew, I’m a big fan.

  4. p.s. – that looks more like a cappuccino than a cafe latte.

  5. It was definitely a latte. Oh, and I agree. Getting the word out about this coffee shop is paramount. I’d tell all of my friends, but I don’t know anyone that lives in that area.

  6. Karen m.

    sounds like this place is condusive to a great cup. i need to start a list of places to try in different parts of town.

    in another vein (so to speak) whenever i see a saw on the wall like that i think of that movie, saw.

  7. Steve Kessler

    Way to go Cabin crew!

  8. joshua morris

    I also stopped out there and had a great doppio from Jessica. While I was there at about 2 pm on a very cold drizzly afternoon they had a steady stream of people coming in. It was good to see!

  9. Ann

    Thank you so much for the kind words! It was so great to have you come into the shop and I’m delighted that you enjoyed your latte and sandwich! I hope to someday get to see all of you guys come visit…I know it’s far, but we’d love to have you. We’re working hard on improving the quality of our drinks every day and would love some feedback. Thanks again!

    P.S. Green olives and pepperoncini’s rock!! Haha. It’s not uncommon to find me snacking on a couple. I can never seem to meet people who appreciate how awesome green olives and pepperoncini’s are. :]

  10. Laura

    This place is FABULOUS!!! Best coffee shop hands down! No matter what time of day or day of the week, you are promised a great experience. The decor, the people, the food and the coffee are exceptional! Definitely worth visiting over and over again.

  11. Kelly Schroeder

    Chris was right on! I am sorry I missed him since I was in there yesterday around 10 am enjoying my Cafe Mocha! I would have told him he needed to make a special trip back for breakfast to try the croissant sandwiches! It is a great place to kick back and catch up with friends. I am glad I DO live right around the corner . It is a nice change from that “other” coffee place 😉 (Plus I really like the owner even though she takes all my money in Bunco!) Glad to see you’re getting some well deserved exposure.

  12. Beckers

    I heart Cabin Coffee!

    This coffee shop needs this kind of great exposure. That way, the owner will make lots of money and open up a shop on the East side of town, where I live. I think I have visited every coffee shop in my close proximity- and have not yet found a cappuccino that compares to Cabin Coffee. Why is everyone so afraid of foam (not to mention bad at it)?

    Keep up the good work ladies!

  13. Jennifer K

    Way to go Cabin Coffee! I am so proud of you all. I was never a coffee or even chai tea drinker until I became good friends with the owners and they exposed me to how good it can be. 🙂 I love the food too, and the atmosphere and decor of the shop is so warm and inviting (they did it themselves)! I always bring out of town guests there for a drink. I’m glad you are finally getting the recognition you deserve~~Keep it up!

  14. Sheri M.

    Cabin Coffee is awesome! They deserve all this wonderful praise. The lattes are fantastic hot or iced! The food is delicious! I am thrilled to have such a high quality coffee shop in my neighborhood. I always enjoy my experience there whether I stop in by myself, with my family, my book club or with friends. The owners are warm, wonderful, hard-working people. The employees are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. Great place!

  15. MQuick

    The owners are Seattle transplants like me and they are definitely showing Arizona what a neighborhood coffee place is all about. It’s a favorite place to relax with friends, meet clients and catch up with neighbors. I’d like to see them in more neighborhoods! Congratulations to the crew.

  16. Kim Mc.

    I adore cabin coffee!!! I stop in almost every day for my wonderful caramel latte and morning chat with my friend Lisa and neice Sami (who is 5 yr. old and also has “coffee” shh….its hot chocolate) We love the crew! They start our mornings off bright, and always remember my order!! I feel comfortable and so welcome everyday. Thanks Cabin Coffee!!!!

  17. shawn vincent

    way to go Davney…you guys put alot of work and effort into your dream, and the best is yet to come…congrats.

  18. Wow, I think this post is close to breaking a record for most comments!

  19. Lisa F.

    I heart Cabin Coffee, too! I love to start off my mornings with a big, hot, sugarfree, caramel latte – you sure can’t find it at that OTHER place…:) It might be on the edge of civilization, but our best kept secret is out.

    See you Monday, Ms. K!

  20. Gary Webster

    I love this place, wasn’t sure about it at first, as I not much of an outdoorsman 😉 but the staff is great and the Mexican Mocha is an nice variation from my Vanilla Latte!!! I love the latte art too… now just some decorated coffee cups!!

  21. we visited Cabin Coffee several times while attending Mariner spring training. we are from the Seattle area. What a great, fun place to spend time. The coffee, food and other drinks are sooooo good!! The staff is very friendly and the owners are terrific,warm people. When we go back the cabin is the first place to go on the agenda.

  22. Kristen

    I love living right down the street from this great coffee shop. The coffee is phenomenal, the service great, and the food will also keep you coming back! I love the breakfast sandwiches and maple yogurt with homemade granola is so yummy! The ambiance is warm and welcoming and the basket of toys is a nice touch that my 2 1/2 year old son enjoys.

  23. Paul T.

    I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I enjoy the atmosphere at Cabin coffee. Cabin Coffee reminds me alot about the TV series CHEERS, “….where everybody knows your name.” The customer service is great. Love this place!

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  25. Paige L.

    I love it there so much! I haven’t been down lately, are they hiring?