Tucson coffee shop Caffé Lucé will soon ad music and other events to its calendar. The Arizona Daily Star has the story.

Owners Michael Foster and Martyn Meisner plan on starting a live music series — first on weekends then also on weeknights — as soon as the University of Arizona’s fall semester begins.

The two-month-old coffee shop, 943 E. University Blvd., will feature local acoustic artists as well as national touring acts. Foster says Meisner has the right connections to bring in some quality musicians — Meisner had a five-year contract with Sony/Epic Records during his time with the Mayfield Four in Spokane, Wash.

Over time, the coffee shop will also add poetry readings and art walks in addition to its already established free Wi-Fi.

“We are not here to rape and pillage like major corporations do,” Foster said. “We want to give back and integrate ourselves within Tucson. We built this company as a community company.”

Caffé Lucé
943 E University Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85719

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  1. Tucson? Nooooooo! We need some rape and pillage protection in Phoenix!

    I like the poetry reading idea. Good to flex those brain muscles once in a while. I hope it takes off.

  2. Off to a rocky start, I was a bit concerned about Luce. Never one to rely on first impressions, I’ve been back after the birthing pains subsided, and was glad that I have. Just got done with the second cappu this morning with the Luce Espresso Blend, with a fridge full of Vicenze and an exceptional Decaf. (Decaf is hard!)

  3. Doug

    I have become addicted to the Vincenze blend. Can’t get any better. Beautiful Caffe – great ambience. So glad you came to Tucson!

  4. Danielle

    Just keeps improving – love the product. Hope the music stays acoustical – can’t handle loud tunes. hard to be on WiFi & enjoy music at the same time.

  5. Okay, they’ve replaced the girl (who gave me pause on my first visit) with someone that has skills *and* confidence. Quickly and courteously got my pound of beans, never hesitated when I asked the roast date, and gave me a knowing smile when I cringed at her, “Would you like that ground?”
    The subtle art that she free-poured and then sketched showed a dedication and talent for coffee, without a need to prove anything. I can’t wait to go back for a drink next time! These guys are definitely a welcome addition to the Tucson Coffee Scene.

  6. Danielle

    I believe the phone number is 520 207 5504. You will really enjoy the product. Hope this helps.

  7. great ambiance the best coffee roasted right there beautiful , clean caffe i’m hooked.

  8. Ron Yadon

    I love their coffee, and my son Ben just can’t stop talking about their Moca’s. I think the music would be a welcome addition.

    Ron Yadon