Has anybody been to Cafe Zentro Coffee House? It’s near the airport on Washington St. and every time I stop by they’re closed. From what I can see through the window, it’s a deli / coffee house combo.

Cafe Zentro
4801 E Washington St
Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (602) 267-9566

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  2. Beth

    I go to Cafe Zentro at least once a week before work–it’s the highlight of my week and I love the place. Just changed ownership but both old and new owners seem great. They have the best ice tea I’ve ever had, and I’d highly recommend their smoothies as well. The staff is always very friendly and treat me like a friend every time I visit. Your visit to this coffee shop is definitely more personable than a trip to Starbucks.

  3. Regrettably, Cafe Zentro has closed. I stopped in this morning for a latte on the way to a meeting in the area. I found the door locked and as I peered in the window, I could see that all the furniture and fixtures were gone. There was no sign on the door indicating what had happened, but the big “Cafe Zentro” sign visible from Washingston Street is gone.

  4. Amy

    cafe zentro did not close. they just moved because the construction from the light rail totally took away business and the rent sky rocketed. but they moved to ahwatukee on chandler and 44th

  5. I’m glad to hear CZ is surviving in a new location. Unfortunately, it’s a million miles from both home and work, so I doubt I’ll get there any time soon, but I’m still glad to know Zentro remains in business.

  6. Lynn Serfling

    There is a great Guitarist (Blues/rock) playing at the new Awahatukee location every Friday night from 7:00 to 9:00 His name is Mike. Be sure and introduce yourself and let him know you found out about him from one of his students. It’s worth the drive.

  7. I’m working there 11-3 for free just to help the lady out. I really want to help ahwatukee be the best it can be and this shop has so much potiental I want to see it be successful.

  8. Lisa

    Let me just say that I stopped into cafe zentro in Ahwatukee today. The first strange thing I saw was that there was one of those ceramic chinese kitty cats with the waving paw on the counter. Totally out of place for a coffeehouse. Second, the woman behind the counter could barely speak english. I asked about her lattes, and I have absolutely NO CLUE what she said in response to me. I ordered the vanilla latte. It was 17cents more than the same size at Coffee Bean, and it was the MOST PATHETIC coffee I’ve ever had. It wasn’t even lukewarm. It had no flavor at all. I threw it out after not even drinking half of it. Needless to say, I’m never stopping in there again………