Tucson readers will be glad to know that they have a new shop they can visit. Caffe Luce has opened a second location at 4205 N Campbell.

Michael Foster from Caffe Luce wrote to let me know about it, and shared these photos:

Just wanted to let you know that Caffe Luce Coffee Roasting Co. is proud to announce the opening of our second Tucson location. The new Caffe Luce is located at N 4205 Campbell #125 (in the Trader Joes plaza at river/campbell) and is open daily from 6am-9pm. We will be offering coffee in all the usual formats; espresso, drip, aeropress, hario v60, toddy….etc, as well as over 19 fresh roasted varietals and blends.

Here’s a video from their other location.

Caffe Luce
?4205 N Campbell
Tucson, AZ 85719
(Trader Joe’s Plaza)

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  1. tina bittner

    I support a local coff. bn. comp in nc, but want to send my support your way. All of us need to support each other ( Americans ), and if you send me e-mails, I will def. support you also, and suggest you to all of my frnds and fam once I try it myself! Good luck !!!

  2. Vicki

    The best cup of hot chocolate I have ever had .

  3. Brian

    The quality and taste are exceptional!! Nice atmosphere as well! I would recommend some (very soft) cafe music, more food products, and advertising materials such as mugs with the company logo. Are you planning location numbers 3 and 4??

  4. Some of the best coffee I have had. Made me get up at 6 a.m. and walk across the wash to get some!

  5. Jan

    Always friendly, competent staff and good coffee! Nice atmosphere – great at any time, especially in the evening.