Do you have a cutoff hour in the day when you stop drinking coffee (or anything with caffeine)? I know a lot of people who can’t drink the stuff at night, for fear of being awake all night long.

What about you? Does the stuff affect you? Personally, it doesn’t. I can drink coffee and espresso late at night and have no trouble falling asleep. Just curious.

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  1. joshua morris

    I’m like you, I can drink espresso or a cup of coffee right before bed and drop right into sleep. Must be all those years of working behind the bar.

  2. Todd

    I’m also the same way. I’ll drink coffee on the weekends right up to bedtime and fall right off. Usually the smell of the coffee keeps my wife (who is not a coffee drinker) up longer than me!

  3. I’m pretty effected by Caffeine, so I’ll usually just end up staying up way later than intended.

    What… I’m not going to pass up my coffee.

  4. I’m not affected by caffeine, but my future sister-in-law will start bouncing off the walls after a cup and will be grouchy if she doesn’t get her coffee in the morning.

  5. For years my dad would work a 12 hour shift, come home at midnight, drink 2 cups of coffee and fall right to sleep. Always amazed me.

    I, on the other hand, get wired of a single shot!

  6. Steve Kessler

    Caffeine doesn’t really effect me either. I usually don’t drink coffee or espresso after work. After visiting coffee houses all day, I get my fill.