Yesterday’s cappuccino from Press Coffee.


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  1. DCRanch

    Hi. Could you please profile, review, list NE Scottsdale coffee houses & cafes . . . neighborhood alternatives to Starbucks?

    It’s disappointing that pretty much all the “local” coffee houses are located far elsewhere. It’s beautiful over here . . . the McDowell Mountains & northeast preserve areas, charming Market St. Many of us like to shop, dine, sip, relax over HERE.

    Nearby Herb Box has lovely, delicious daily pastries/desserts and the house coffee is fine (albeit overly pricey for a simple small cup of coffee) . . . but this isn’t a place to sit down unless dining in for a full service breakfast/lunch/dinner. And in that case, I’d usually prefer Pinnacle Peak’s General Store’s outstanding breakfast on the patio w/my favorite server Haley! 🙂

    Further west and north . . . very sad that 4C in Cave Creek closed in the north Valley. But I will check out Janey’s for a change next Sunday before church at Carefree Hwy & Scottsdale Rd, instead of Starbucks (Ashler Hills).

    Scottsdale Quarter in west Scottsdale isn’t too far, but the area (& nearby Kierland) just has a distinctly different “feel” and look from northeastern Scottsdale, Carefree, and even Fountain Hills. And it’s much more urban, crowded, transient/touristy, etc.

    I’d also appreciate any mentions on this site of nondairy options offered . . . coconut milk, almond milk, soy, etc. + charge or gratis. Also info on loyalty programs, refill brewed coffee/tea, etc.

    When in Tempe, please try Cupz Coffee off College St & University!

  2. steve

    DCRanch…sadly the options to open shops in that area are out of reach due to the large rents. The amount of traffic needed to afford space is just not applicable.

    Tried Cupz……not good, training needed and possibly some new coffee. Just being honest.