Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! As I reflect on the year, I’m thankful for the awesome coffee scene we have in Arizona. It’s mature, friendly, and frankly way easier to get a great cappuccino now than ever before.

Years ago, that wasn’t the case. When I started this site in 2006 it was difficult to find excellent coffee in Arizona. Sure, there were places to get good coffee, but nothing like we have today. I think it’s a mixture of new people in the coffee business (young, and old) as well as a population that warmed up to the idea of excellent coffee. A shift happened, where people who had been drinking shabby coffee for too long (you know, the Starbucks crowd) finally realized coffee was good if prepared right. So they started seeking out those coffee shops that make better cappuccinos, and better lattes. The places that know how to make a nice wet cappuccino, or macchiato.

Anyways, that’s one thing I’m thankful for this fall… more great coffee choices. I can be almost anywhere in the valley, and usually have a choice of where I can go for great coffee. That’s awesome, and something I’m thankful for.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Steve

    We are thankful to have a someone that cares like you!!! Thanks for volunteering to cover Arizona Coffee!!!