Last Friday I had this cappuccino at Press Coffee. They’ve just hired a new barista that moved here from Wisconsin and worked at Alterra for 5 years.

Press Coffee Phoenix AZ

Arizona Coffee

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  1. kathryn

    looks like a perfect cup!

  2. I believe his name is Tom. Several of my co-workers from Anodyne Coffee are friends with him. When I come back for a visit in the next year or so, it’ll be great to check out Press.

  3. Yes Tom is his name, he comes with a wealth of experience. Great addition to the Press team! Tom will also be competing with me at Southwest Barista Championships in Vegas and I know Jason (Cartel) is bringing some folks! GO ARIZONA!!!

  4. Tom Maegdlin

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Come by and have a cortado at Press one of these days.