I’ve just discovered two interesting products I wanted to share. I haven’t tried either one.

Caribou Coffee Snack Bars

This is basically a granola bar that is dipped in coffee. They sell it in two flavors: Vanilla Latte and Chocolate Mocha. More info on the Caribou Coffee web site.

Java Juice Extract

Just add water… coffee extract. I think this is a neat idea for camping trips, or those times when you don’t have the equipment to prepare coffee. If I was climbing Mt. Everest, I would take these. More info on the Java Juice web site. Via A Thought Over Coffee.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I dunno, if I was climbing Mt. Everest I probably would crush a handful of beans on a rock with my hiking boot, boil some water and filter it thru a bandana. But that’s just me.

  2. I saw those Caribou Coffee Bars at the store the other day and almost grabbed a box….decided to wait though. Have you tried them?

    I will be posting a review of the Java Juice Extract in the next week or so…very cool product.

    ..be bold

  3. I haven’t tried the coffee bars. I would though if they sent me a box (haha, like that’s going to happen). I don’t think they’d sell them in Phoenix because we don’t even have Caribou Coffee stores here.

    Larry – would you have a clean bandana or a sweaty one? Just checking.

  4. The Java Juice is a pretty neat idea, it was developed by the crew over at Groundworks Coffee in SoCal. I’ve had the chance to try it, it’s not bad for what it is. Pretty much a Toddy like flavor and my hunch is it’s a Toddy like process used to produce it. The nitrogen flush packaging is what allows it to be shelf stable for a year.

    A clean bandana would be optimum.

  5. I see Carabou Coffee bars here in Lubbock, and there isn’t a Caribous retail store in site for a couple thousand miles. I haven’t tried it, but my roommate has bought a box. I’ll ask.

    In regards to the mount everest thing, I think I’d rather use a hammer/claw and a recessed frozen surface to crush the beans, and a clean sock to do a full-submersion brewing into the boiling water (water boils at 170F on Mt. Everest) for better contact time.

  6. Second thought, here.. The Java Juice sounds a lot like what you’d get out of an Aeropress too.

  7. There’s a Starbucks opening next week at the summit. Sorry to burst your bubble. 😉

  8. Then I better bring a bunch of bandanas. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. john

    Caribou Coffee Vanilla Latte Granola Bars are available in 6 bar box at Target, 43rd and Peoria. They’re sale priced @$2 or so, about 35 cents/bar. They beat the heck out of anything from the vending machines at my office and less than half the price. Good snacking 🙂

  10. Looking in my area for coffee bars. Very much in demand I’m told by our soldiers in Iraq. Apparently handy at remote outposts. Caffeine helps them stay awake on watch..
    Who sells them in my area of Virginia?(Chesapeake Bay/Tidewater)

  11. samuel

    ive tried bith of the coffee bars they taste about the same really no differance but they are really good i recomend grabbing some if u see them and u can find them in winco or i have even found them in a dollar store.

  12. nikki

    The caribou bars are no longer being sold. Or atleast that is what I have read. I have not been able to find them anywhere