Mike Trevino wrote today with some sad news.

I’m sure you remember Edwin Martinez of the Finca Vista Hermosa and his Seed to Cup presentation at the Jam. Many of us felt that he was the best thing about our Jam. He brought us closer to the bean’s origins. He put a face on the people that make the coffee for Finca Vista Hermosa.

Carlos, the manager we got to know in Edwin’s presentation, and his son were killed. The details are here, along with a Paypal donation to help Carlos’ wife and remaining 11 children.

Perhaps you could do something on AZcoffee.com to help. I also have to thank Arron of Browncoffee.com for informing us of this tragedy.

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  1. What a tragedy. Hopefully those who care will help contribute donations to help Carlos’ family. Even a few bucks goes a long way in Guatemala.

  2. hb

    My deepest condolences to the family, I lived in a 3rd world country and this happens everyday. Sadly it happens to honest people who actually contribute to society and are good.
    I will urge coffee lovers to contribute.

  3. Edwin spoke very highly of Carlos when he was here. I am sure Carlos will be missed sorely. Even if you cannot contribute, encourage your coffee buddies to try the FHV coffee. Not only will those sales also help Carlos’ family (as the workers share in the prosperity of the Finca), but it’s an easy way to convince those that would be buying coffee anyways to contribute, even if they wouldn’t normally know about this tragedy.