A new coffee shop called Carmel’s Coffee has opened at 44th St. and Camelback Rd. It is a shop that has coffee supplied by Cartel Coffee Lab. It’s in the same complex as Havana Cafe, if you are familiar with that corner. I stopped in the other night, but must have just missed them (they close at 5 pm).

Carmel’s Coffee is a newly established local coffee house in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Located on the southwest corner of 44th and Camelback just west of the Londen Center, we hope to provide a cool environment for enjoying coffee, conversation, and wifi to keep you in touch with the world.

Thanks to Brian Clemens for the tip.

Carmel’s Coffee
4233 East Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Have you done a review of Village Coffee Roastery? Would love to hear about it:) Thank you for your time.

  2. Heidi, if you search the site for Village Coffee you will probably find several posts about them.

  3. Debbie Peterson

    Nice to finally see a coffee spot that has a great environment, excellent coffee AND real bakery. Their baker is putting out the bestbrown butter scone I’ve ever tasted. Now he is making lunches–like the potato and cheese puffed pastry. Yum!