Cartel Coffee Lab has opened a second location in Tucson at 210 E Broadway Ave. They announced the new location this morning on Facebook. Word on the street is that they’re still under construction (and you can see that in the photos), however they are serving coffee, espresso, and pastries. The photos below were shared by Cartel. Hours of operation are currently 7 am – 2 pm.





Cartel on Broadway
210 E Broadway Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85701

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Patty Klein

    I visited your Broadway location for the 4th time this morning and was waited on by the rather skinny barrista who takes his job at pouring coffee very seriously. The coffee he poured was excellent. But…when I asked the young women to heat up my muffin she said in a flippant way” they didn’t normally do that”. However, I think she remembered me from before when she told me they didn’t have the equipment to do that and I had to point out the pizza oven behind her which was burning wood. I did manage to get the muffin heated but…when I asked her for a slab of butter she said she couldn’t do that?
    I live in Armory Park and your coffee house is the closest to my house and I think your coffee is excellent and your muffins are great… but the fact you can’t provide a little more service makes me walk on by your restaurant and go to Spark Root where the service is nicer and the employees can think beyond the box.