Mr. Seth Mills from Cartel Coffee Lab contacted Arizona Coffee this week to let us know about an event they are hosting next week called Seed to Cup: A Coffee Series.

Over three days, they will be be covering topics core to coffee such as coffee farming, roasting, brewing, and aroma and taste. Below is the information Seth sent over, along with a link to register. If you have any questions, you should contact Cartel Coffee Lab.

cartel coffee lab event

Event Information (from Cartel Coffee Lab):

Cartel Coffee Lab will be hosting a 3 day coffee series about the whole story behind coffee, from “Seed to Cup”. “Seed to Cup” is for coffee professionals, long-time coffee lovers or those with a new found love and appreciation for coffee. Each day’s session will be roughly 90 minutes in length and will cover different stages of the process from the farm to your cup.

The cost is $70 for all three sessions, including coffee tastings all three days, beer and wine tasting on Monday evening and a bag of coffee. If you can’t make it to all three sessions but want to learn more about a particular part of the coffee producing process, we have a limited number of spaces for 1 day participants at $30 per day.

Below is a detailed description of what you can expect to learn & experience each day.

Sat. Aug 13th : 10am : Origin

  • Dedicated to talk about farming practices, variables at origin, sourcing green coffee, processing methods, regional differences
  • Speakers = Jason Silberschlag (owner and green coffee buyer) and Seth Mills (barista)

Sun. Aug 14th : 10am : Roasting & Brewing

  • Learn about the chemistry behind the roasting process
  • Experience the roasting process start to finish
  • Learn the science behind extraction methods & brewing basics
  • Learn how different methods of brewing can affect the quality of your cup
  • Attendees will take home a bag of freshly roasted coffee, roasted in class
  • Speakers = Jen Macias (lead educator/trainer) and Paul Haworth (roaster)

Mon. Aug 15th : 5pm : Aroma & Taste

  • Learn how to taste coffee & how aromatics affect the tasting process
  • Two special guests: Dustin Hazer, Brewer from Four Peaks Brewery & Jessica Fleming from Cink wine, will lead short sessions accompanied by beer/wine tastings
  • Learn what coffee, wine & beer have in common

To purchase an online ticket, please go to:

We hope to see you there, this is going to be a great event!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Perry

    I wish I knew about this a couple days ago! Maybe next time??.. At least there’s some education goin down though.