AZ Magazine calls Cartel Coffee Lab one of the top workplaces in Arizona and says the key is “empowerment.” Congrats to their entire team.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. (sigh) Of all the times to me to wander into Cartel. I saw the photo session and was worried I’d ruined the shot. I look like a coffee stalker.

  2. Will Bradley

    Haha, didn’t realize that’s you, Jeff! I thought you were a carefully-placed “customer” to provide depth and tension to the image. Did the photographer thank you for making the shot? 😉

    Also, Jason, Cartel, and the Cartel team (both of them) deserve it. They’re probably the best-run coffee shop I’ve seen, and I think it’s because management doesn’t get in the way of the front-line workers– a difficult task for many owners and businesses.

  3. Lori Bryan

    great shot jen!! and congrats on the kudos. you guys and gals ARE the best. and hi will. funny seeing you here. fairly random! 😉