On March 3rd at 8 pm Jason Silberschlag and Joseph Mains from Cartel Coffee Lab will be hosting and judging a Barista Jam.

Jason wrote in to provide some details:

The idea for this event is to help Joseph to pay for his trip to the national barista competition March 5-8. We will be having a latte art competition with a $10 buy in.

  • First place will take home a Chemex brewer, box o filters and a bag o coffee!
  • Second will receive a sweet mug and a bag o coffee!
  • Third will receive a bag o coffee!

Every dollar raised will go towards Joseph’s food and lodging while in Portland. Please come and support your regional barista competitiors!All national competing baristas from our region will be invited to run through their competition routines after the latte art comp.

Rules are simple… two pours, they can select the best one and the judges will use it as their submission. Joseph and I will judge, plus one more for the tie breaker when necessary. If people could RSVP by email that would be great, but not necessary.

We welcome all attendees to stick around to watch and taste! Public and industry pros welcome.

(Edited for Clarity)

Cartel Coffee Lab
225 W. University Dr.
Suite #101
Tempe AZ 85281
Email: jason@cartelcoffeelab.com
Phone: (480) 225-3899

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  2. I’m gonna try to make it, if only to make the ten dollar contribution. Of course, I’ll take a stab at pouring a winner, but I gotta know if it’s gonna be on the Synesso, and if we get to adjust the M3 to our tastes when we pull. I’m supposing that there is a period of practice with whatever kit we’re expected to use to create, yeah?
    Any advantage to having a coupla extra Majors along, Jason?

  3. Psyd, I’d suggest showing up a bit early to practice. That’s what people did at the other contest.

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  5. All well and good, but form the rules, it seems as if you have three minutes to dial in your shots, pull them, steam the milk, and pour your art. Generously less time than you’d get at the cappuccino section of a xBC championship bid.
    I an *sure* that there is time built in for folks to get used to the machinery, but there isn’t anything written as to when. Or as to which machinery that we’ll be using. I say we, but I may not be able to make it after all.
    Anyhoo, these are details that might get interest from outside the neighborhood. Act locally, but market globally, ya know! ; >

  6. Those are some good questions, Psyd. I know that Cartel has a Synesso but not sure if that’s the machine they will be using for the competition.

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