This one is straight out of a joke book or something. So the cartoonist Mike Peters who pens Mother Goose & Grimm offended The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation his January 2nd comic.

You can read the full story on AZCentral.

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  1. This is another publicity stunt by the Colombian federation of growers. They have always being very protective of the use of Juan Valdez brand. After all, It has been going for so long that it may started to loose it’s credibility. A simmilar lawsuit was filed to a Costa Rican group that started printing decals with the slogan Juan Valdez drinks Costa Rican coffee. In this case the judge dismissed the charges because the “Ticos” produced the testimony of star withness Mr. Juan Valdez Elizondo a neighbor of San Jose, Costa Rica that actually liked Costa Rican coffee better than Colombian. Mr. Valdez I believe was a taxi driver.

  2. I know some Colombians, and one thing they are very proud of is their coffee!
    Colombia; beautiful country, beautiful women!
    Too bad, they always associate their violence problem with such a great product.

    No worries Colombia, it was just a cartoon! Take it easy!
    Instead, use it as FREE publicity ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    PD. Please excuse them, they are so tired of the violence, they overreact!

    OH, and let’s have Chris fix the name of the country on this article (COLOMBIA), before I send this link to some of my Colombian friends, and they will be twice as mad!

    Good day.

  3. Why would the Columbia alumni be offended? Nonetheless, it’s a funny cartoon.