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Nitro from Peixoto Coffee

Nitro coffee has been around a year or so in Phoenix. Suddenly it is popular again, and it seems every shop is getting on the bandwagon. Drinking a nitro cold brew is a bit like drinking a beer, but without the hops. I had a nitro at Peixoto Coffee on Saturday morning and it was

Peixoto Coffee

Right in the middle of downtown Chandler is a new coffee shop named Peixoto Coffee. Pronounced as pay-sho-tow, the family name adorns this coffee shop, which has its grand opening today. You can tell the owners are very proud of the shop, and have put a lot of work into the coffee. Peixoto Coffee is

Peixoto Coffee (a first visit)

Took some time to visit Peixoto Coffee today! It’s a new shop in downtown Chandler. It’s very cool! Chandler can be proud to have this new shop. They grow, roast, and sell coffee from their beautiful shop.

Peixoto Coffee to open soon in Chandler

Peixoto Coffee is opening soon in Chandler. I think this place is a first of its kind in Arizona. Peixoto Coffee is literally a crop-to-cup experience. They’re growing the beans in Brazil (a family operation since 1894), importing and roasting them, and serving them at their soon-to-be-opened coffee lounge in Chandler, AZ. The owners, a