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New Mexico Coffee Map

Just heard from Michael Gonzales, the owner of Cafe Bella Coffee in New Mexico. He has a web site called New Mexico Coffee Map which is exactly what it says. Thought I’d share it in case you plan to be in New Mexico and want to find a good coffee shop. I’m sure Michael would

Texas Java at Its Best: The San Antonio Coffee Culture

When you think of San Antonio, do you automatically think of coffee? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean that the coffee culture in San Antonio should be underestimated. Although the Alamo City is known for its record-breaking temperatures throughout the summer months and beyond, San Antonians are still known to enjoy a cup of Joe,

Coffee Culture in AZ

What are some ways that coffee culture and the coffee experience are different in Arizona (or unique) compared to other major markets?

Intelligentsia’s Venice Beach

Back in April my wife and I, and another couple took a long weekend in Los Angeles and one of the places we visited, besides Disneyland, was Intelligentsia. They have several locations, but we visited the Venice Beach one, which opened 3 years ago. My cappuccino, which is only served at this size (yay!)