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Loving Labor Coffee Co.

This week, I have been drinking coffee from Loving Labor Coffee Co., a coffee roaster based in the Tucson area. They are fairly new, and sent me a bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to try. This coffee is really good, and smooth, with all of the rich strong flavors I’ve come to love in a good Yirgacheffe.

Presta Coffee: Grand Opening in Tucson

Presta Coffee has announced the grand opening of their new location in Tucson, AZ. The new store will be located on 1st Ave. just north of Grant Rd. Presta Coffee already has coffee at one Tucson coffee shop, that being Stella Java. The owner, Curtis Zimmerman, did an interview with Tucson Foodie and told a bit

Yellow Brick Coffee

I’ve just received an email from David Perreira, who is the owner of Yellow Brick Coffee located in Tucson, AZ. He was letting me know about their roasting operation in Arizona. We roast single origin coffees, on demand and have coffees from around the world. We always strive to source our coffee from origin, and

Cartel Broadway

Cartel Coffee Lab has opened a second location in Tucson at 210 E Broadway Ave. They announced the new location this morning on Facebook. Word on the street is that they’re still under construction (and you can see that in the photos), however they are serving coffee, espresso, and pastries. The photos below were shared