Arizona Coffee

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  1. Great clip. Makes you want to go and slap the reporter. “Somebody is going to drink it anyway”

  2. Josh

    For those who love COFFEE = ME!!
    Good video! It inspires baristas more and more to create better Latter Art, and to put more proud on their careers! (They are NOT “coffee makers”, they are Coffee Professionals!)
    High five for the fellows @ INZA and Lux!
    They always strive to create new Latte Art, even if WE all know “somebody is going to drink it anyway!”
    Peace & Coffee!

  3. Glad you liked the clip guys.

    Josh, there are many more places that do Latte Art besides just Inza and Lux. But you know that. The new Solo Cafe comes to mind, also Desert Rain and The Coffee Vein. Plus many more.

    I can’t wait until we can have a competition in town and get all of the local shops to compete!

  4. “somebody’s just going to drink it anyway”………somebody slap her.

  5. Michael T

    Steve, she also said something like, “corporate swill.” So I think she made up for it.