Today is a special day for Arizona Coffee! It’s the 7th anniversary of this site’s launch! Yes, in case you didn’t know, this site has been around a little while! I first began this site in March, 2005.

This site wouldn’t be what it is without the loyal support of my many sponsors! THANK YOU! Sponsorship funds go right into, well, buying coffee and going places. I’m super thrilled with the development of the coffee community in AZ, and am proud to be a small part of it. Thanks to everyone for such a great ride! Here’s to the next seven years!

When did you first discover Arizona Coffee? Answer in the comments, or the poll below.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Steve

    Congrats Chris!! Here’s to many more years of success and knowledge of Arizona coffee.

  2. Luvbug

    Congrats!!!! May we have many more years 🙂

  3. Jonathan

    Hey Chris, congrats! Also, thank you for everything you do coffee related for the state of Arizona. Fantastic work. We all appreciate it.


  4. hb

    Congrats… many more to come.

  5. Sarah

    I just discovered this a few months ago, after I got a burr grinder for Christmas and started looking more seriously into options for local roasted beans. This is an awesome resource for local coffee. Congratulations on the caffeine-fueled longevity!