I haven’t posted about Chai much in the past couple of years. and I know there are many readers who really love a good chai. A significant number of coffee shops just serve their chai from a mix, but others prepare their own ingredients.

The chai latte from Liberty Market is a special house-made recipe.


I asked Joe Johnston about their chai, since I had heard they make their own, and he confirmed that they do make it from scratch. He provided some details saying that their “chai is pretty classic with a fresh ginger making up the base.” He says they “add a number of spices, such as cloves and black pepper (and others), steep the mixture and then steep it further with black tea.” Lastly, “cane sugar is added to sweeten the brew.” You can even get it as a dirty chai (with espresso).

Joe added that they also make their own chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and other syrups (vanilla, hazelnut, etc.). Seriously cool!

It’s so rare to find places that know how to make chai from scratch, and take the time to do so. That’s why I thought I’d take a moment to highlight the chai from Liberty Market.

Here’s a picture of my chai from a recent on Saturday. It’s really tasty, and totally worth ordering!

Liberty Market
230 N Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: (480) 892-1900
Twitter: @libertymarket

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