Robert Sandie, one of the founders of (a video sharing site I am a part of) visited with Chestnut Hill Co’s barista, John Hornall in Philadelphia recently. While there he took this great video.

Robert Sandie writes: In the coffee community he is a very well known barista and former co-owner of Hines Public Market Coffee in Seattle, who now runs coffee and espresso operations for Chestnut Hill Co.

This is probably my favorite coffee shop I have ever been to. Not only do they have great drinks and make coffee experience feel like you were drinking a a $30 glass of wine but they have free wi-fi! If you live in the Philadelphia area, it’s a must see!

Thanks for the great interview, Rob!

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  2. Very cool. The guy is a living landmark of the Specialty Coffee revolution.

    The outro is very “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”-eque.

  3. I watched the video..I just have to say…it makes me sooooo happy to see that level of barista skill…in graceful…I have been a barista for 13 years, and I just love to see that art in motin…Jess

  4. Laura

    Wow, great video! My husband and I are opening a coffee shop this fall and it is super to see people in the industry with so much love for what they do. We couldn’t help but notice how much the guy (John) in the video reminded both my husband and I of our own roaster for our new endeavor, Larry from Rocket Coffee Roasters. It seems they share the same passion, it looks like they have the same roasting machine (at least it’s the same color), both of them are involved in the Cup of Excellence and both have a wealth of knowledge. Someone said that the guy in the video is a “living landmark”, well it would seem we have one in the making in our own backyard! Just feels good to know we made the right choice when choosing our coffee roaster!