Chow Bella (the food section of Phoenix New Times) has interviewed Bill Sandweg at Copper Star Coffee (Phoenix) about his interactions with people in the coffee business — mostly the customers. It’s a fun, quick read for a Tuesday morning. Go Bill!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Okay, Bill looks great in those shorts, but where’s the stories about people still pulling up to those antique gas pumps expecting to fill up?

  2. Oh My God! Some dude came in today carrying an Arrowhead bottle wanting to buy gas! I thought he was kidding…

  3. Did I read it too fast, or did the article not mention the awesome cupcakes? Bill – go back and do the interview again, I declare a do-over.

  4. Oh yeah, can’t forget those cupcakes. I noticed the cupcake rack looks a little bare in the photo, too. What’s up with that? 😉

  5. Sean

    Nice press Bill