I stopped at Soma Express (40th St. and Camelback Rd.) this morning to discover they were closed. The sign on the window indicated it was due to not enough business. The location on Tatum and Shea is still open.

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  1. Pierce/Bear


    Judging by the location; Soma should have done well…….unless the rent was the killer.

  2. hector

    I was there once, but I got bad service and my coffee was not the best. Too bad they closed, I wanted to stop by again to see if they got better service and coffee.

  3. Yeah, I thought it was a good location. I’ve seen that place packed at lunch time. I’m sure they were making good money considering they had a full menu. I’ve eaten numerous breakfasts their — they used to have a really good Steak Egg Breakfast.

    Hector is right about one thing: the coffee was not the best. But it was comparable to what you can get around town.

  4. Is SOMA a coffeehouse? I was under the impression that they were a cafe… Whose coffee were they using?

  5. It’s more of a restaurant but it does have a coffee bar.

    I stopped in at “Dish” last night. They were closed but they had a coffee bar that looked interesting. Reminds me of LGO.,