I have some sad news. The Coffee Vein in Tucson has closed. I’ve received this news from Matt Moran and confirmed it by looking at their MySpace page. Best wishes to the entire crew. It was great.

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  1. Don’t throw your Coffee Vein drink cards away.
    The Black Rose Caffe will honor them for a limited time. they are just up the street from the Coffee Vein at 1800 N. Stone Ave. they have all of your favorite coffee and espresso drinks and great food menu.

  2. That is sad news indeed. Not that I get to Tuscon very often, but from what I know, the Vein folks were extremely dedicated to quality coffee.

  3. I Can tell you folks that Mike Trevino was completely dedicated to his customers. I like to see that level of passion. Great Job.

  4. And so, the awesome cappuccino foam I got from the Coffee Vein will live on only in my memory…

    Can we learn a lesson from this? What’s it going to take to get Arizona to support good coffee? Or is the support there, and good shops are closing due to other problems?

    Anyone know what Bill Clinton would say at a time like this?

  5. Mike Moran

    Hey guys its Mike Moran.

    Yeah I was really sad. My comic book artist sketch group would go every Thursday night and bring cool movies to watch while drinking plenty of coffee and even getting some cookies or bagels.

  6. Pierce/Bear

    Michael T brought up an excellent point.

    I will admit that I am not a coffee connoisseur first off.

    That stated; there used to be a coffee house in Kingman from 2001-05 then they went away 🙁

    I had some of the best times in recent years of my life there in Friday nights with folk performers, etc.

    The Fountain RIP.

  7. I have seen about 50 coffee houses closed there doors in the last 10 years. Arizona does not have the climate or the feel of San Francisco, Seattle, Oregon etc. We need to work harder for our money. I remember something that my dad told me “no business fails for excess of sales” and I say “unless they are selling products for less that what they buy them”. Generally a coffee house need two teams one producing amazing coffee and superb customer service and the other one promoting the business to new people all the time. Big corporations success is also tied to the demographic accuracy of locations that they operate. To all the new coffee people please be careful about the site you choose and everyday is grand opening.

  8. Mike Moran

    I think their downfall was lack of promotion. They had great coffee and a great place but no one really knew about it.

  9. I know that heart on the front of the placed freaked out a few would-be customers (I thought it was kind of cool though).