I really like how Clover used a coffee bean plant leaf in their logo, and used the L to make the shape. Genius. Also, check out this neat team photo from their web site. On their site, you can mouse over the people in the photo to see their names. That’s fun.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Karen m.

    love the way they staged that photo. everyone in the process of their thing. and that cool sort of turquoise bark paper background. very groovyish.

  2. Todd Welfelt

    Cool photo! I’ve heard a lot of good things from this company regarding their coffee machine. I am really anxious to hear of someone locally who has the machine so I can see how it tastes!

  3. I got to meet the guys at CoffeeFEST last weekend and the machine lives up to all the hype. I hear they are working on a home version and I will be on the list to get one asap.

    If your local shop does not have one, “pressure” them to get more info and bring one to the store.

    …be bold

  4. Robert F. Kasdo

    I consider myself quite spoiled in that my local cafe has a Clover. If you’re ever in Seattle or Portland, be sure to find a spot that has one and stop by for a cup.