Growing up I took art lessons and the art teacher would let us use whatever medium we wanted. So over the course of about two years I practiced with oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, pen, and even airbrushing. The one medium I never tried was espresso.

Yeah, espresso. Check out Karen Eland’s web site at She paints with espresso. It’s really interesting and she’s made some great renditions of famous paintings like the Mona Lisa.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. nena mendez

    congratulations karen ! i love your work ! i am a coffee producer from El Salvador, it would be great if your work said “Made with coffee from Finca El Guaje, El Salvador”
    that’s the name of our farm

  2. Go Karen!

    There are several artists out there painting with coffee! Check out Ezju’s Website and his blog dedicated to coffee artists Other artists who paint with coffee would include Mira & Amita Chudasama at and Angel and Andy at For a compleate (as close as I can get) list of coffee artists visit and scroll down!



  3. Nena Mendez – I would love to paint with your coffee! I would even like to come to El Salvador and paint on your farm preferably during picking season. What do you say? My web site is if you are interested or just google “Ezju” you’ll find me!