I stopped in at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf that has now opened in Phoenix. It’s at Tatum and Shea, on the northwest corner. You can’t miss it. It’s been open a few weeks now and so I decided to see if it was busy inside.

It wasn’t.

The wifi worked, and it was free.

And if you take mom on Mother’s Day, you can get a free treat.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Chris…I’m telling you. I’d rather go to Starbucks than Coffee Bean. What that fully entails, well, will have to remain between the lines.

    Okay I’ll offer a little clue. Coffee Bean: flatscreen TV. Sbucks: music. Coffee Bean: “Ice-Blended.” Sbucks: “Frappuccino.”

    Thank you, though, for going there so I don’t have to!

  2. Yeah, I’d agree with you on that. It was the first time I had been to a Coffee Bean in about 6 years. I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Nobody got injured and there were no kittens harmed in the testing of that product.

  3. Its not a Drive-Thru? Hmmm….They could have done well there, I guess Starbucks wins again.

  4. Ryan Mahoski

    It’s nice to see business returning to that building. For years, it was a vacant shoe store holdover. Once Vitamin Shoppe leased 4740, The Coffee Bean and now Cingular quickly became flatmates.

    Your first photo surprised me. From the exterior, The Coffee Bean doesn’t look like it would be nearly that big inside. Then again, neither did Market Street Coffee Company–a comfortable geek hangout which used to be next door but which tanked when the peerless Soma brought California style to the neighborhood. C4 in Cave Creek remains my favorite for the interesting people, gritty but comfy surroundings, and 4-star coffee. Soma and Inza tie for second–though on disparate metrics. The Westin at Kierland used to be my favorite office until they started charging for wifi. Even so, sometimes I’ll sync up at home and walk over to their lobby; its library, meditation water wall, and choice of comfortable indoor or outdoor seating complement veranda views of Acacia #8 and #9 as well as the lake separating the two.