Coffee Bread — I would think that adding a bit of espresso to muffins would make for a better bread. Who wants to eat a sandwich with coffee bread, you know?

Coffee to go — An interesting ad concept (shaped like a briefcase).

Cappuccino Stencil Set — “Simply place one of the 6 different stencils over the frothy milk and sprinkle with cocoa or cinnamon powder to create an eyecatching design.”

The DIY Guide to Roasting Your Own Coffee! — Not the be all, end all guide but worth linking to.

Is This the End of the Barista? — “There are oodles of historical examples where technology not only replaced a profession but did a better job at it. Every market is continually assailed by innovations that offer not only sizable cost savings but also many tangible benefits.”

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Pierce

    I strongly disagree on the ‘barista’ going away——–if nothing else: they supply the ‘human touch’ in an increasingly impersonal world.

    IMHO baristas are roughly akin to bartenders; the difference being the choice of libation.