Has anybody visited Coffee Cabana in Mesa? Apparently they have a drive through and serve Affogato. I discovered it via this mini-review.

At Coffee Cabana in Mesa, 70 percent of customers order through the window. Those grabbing a quick coffee and Danish comprise the lion’s share of drive-through customers at Coffee Cabana, which serves mostly commuters and is not open New Year’s Day.

“We are on the right side of the road for the morning commute, and our customers can get in and out of here easily and quickly,” said owner Alison Brooks.

Coffee Cabana
2105 S. Alma School Rd.
Mesa, AZ
(480) 755-7900

Arizona Coffee

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  1. The Coffee Cabana is my favorite venue to play in the East Valley. The owner is musician-friendly, the staff are always cheerful, and the location is very convenient. Though I only play there a couple of times a year, it is always fun!

  2. Jamie

    It’s a cute little place. Drive through seems to be busy alot, but I prefer to order in. GOOD Coffee. I haven’t had anything from there I didn’t like.

  3. Very relaxed atmosphere with comfy couches as well as tables w/chairs. Small outdoor patio, game/meeting room and a counter bar. Big screen tv and internet connection.
    Oh, did I mention great coffee?
    They also serve a sugar free mocha. Yum!

  4. Joneice

    the coffee is great. the people are nice and the regulars are spiffy.

  5. Tom

    Closed? I hope this is temporary!

  6. Yup. Its closed. I had to close it because the landlord bought out my lease. Sorry everyone..:)

  7. Patty Hamrick

    Your location here in Alma School Rd. in Mesa, AZ. is closed!
    Are you going to re-open sometime down the road?
    Do you moved to another location?
    My husband & I would appreciate you let us know further information, we just love your coffee and service, both are wonderful!
    Thank you,
    Patty & Tony

  8. Ron and Whitney

    We agree with Mrs. Hamrick. Please say that you are looking at another location nearby? We miss you already.

  9. Will R

    Yeah it stinks huh? 🙁 I didnt really have a choice in the matter.. it will be another fast food joint soon enough… When i bought it a few years back i never got on a lease.. just a month to month.. when i tried to sell it, they wouldent let a new owner on the lease.. so I basicly had to pack up and move. It was sad… but Maybe we will open another one someday :). As for now.. all the equipment is up on ebay and craigslist. Sorry everyone. 🙂

  10. Michelle K

    I have been going to the Cabana for about six years now (used to live only a few miles from it for about four of those) and my sister is the one who introduced me to the shop. We were there on August 11th and there was no indication from anyone it was in danger of closing (I know they didn’t know at the time). Sat on the comfy couch, watched the big screen TV (The Last Samurai was on I believe), and my sister and I enjoyed our Iced Mochas. I must have been there over 100 times in the last six years and probably gained a few pounds too! Good thing I have skipped the whip or I’d be even larger! LOL! Oh how I’m going to miss it!

  11. Rachael

    I am bummed! Coffee Cabana is closed. I had a feeling it was a lease thing. It was only blocks from my house and served much better frappes than St**bucks. Will, you ran a great shop for the time you had it and you will be sorely missed by many. Good luck in any future endeavors and hopefully we may see you brewing again. (Maybe keep the same name, so we can all find you again in the future?)

  12. Rachael

    BTW, Will, where did you get your supply of baked goods from, particularly the scones? I asked last time at drive thru, but the girls couldn’t quite remember the name of the baker/bakery. Just curious, as they were very tasty, and if I can’t get your coffee anymore, maybe at least I can get those. Thanks

  13. Will Russell

    Hi Rachael. We got them from Johnathan Robbins bakery in mesa.. Lots of other places carry their good thow.. java spot in chandler carries the same scones I believe. The Wildflower bread company has very similar ones too. Take care, and thanks. 🙂


  14. Michelle Anderson

    Can you give me the center owner name and or contact number?

  15. Megan

    For the owners of the former Coffee Cabana…. Do you have the contact information of the land owners. I have a proposition for them and need to get a hold of them right away! >

  16. coffee cabana

    Sure.. Dorrito Partners is in charge of it.. But good luck with any ideas.. i threw so many buyers at them.. and they turned them all down.. They say they have someone at the “national credit level” Aka A big franchise”, That is going to move in. good luck! 🙂


  17. Rich K

    I was disappointed to discover that the Cabana is gone, since that was my number 1 hangout when visiting the parents, what with the good coffee and free wi-fi and such. I guess it’s back to the Starbucks on Dobson for me…

    Shame to see it all closed up.

  18. Ron and Whitney

    hey don’t go back to Star*ucks. We discovered a place over on Baseline and Horne that has much better service. I f you liked Coffee Cabana, then you will surely like Its a Grind. Yes, it is a national francise, but they are very nice and serve you with a smile just like at Coffee Cabana. The only thing that they don’t have that we miss are the coffee shakes. For those of you that have heard of it, they follow the philosophy of the Fish. For those that haven’t, that just means that they have fun at work and provide great customer service. In other words the exact opposite of Star*ucks

  19. Jimmy

    i miss the cabana too. i worked there on and off for about a total of 2 years from the day it opened til the day it closed… an original employee, like myself, named Troy has opened a new shop called coffee cove on gilbert rd just north of warner right next to the assisted living center thats being built right now. Myself and Angie, that worked at cabana for a while, are now working for Troy and his mother Pat and are having a great time. We would all love to see some people that use to visit Cabana! We have a drink called the frosty cove that definitely rivals the cabana shakes but WE can add our fresh baked cookies to them and make a cookie cove that is amazing! come by and see us! 538 S. Gilbert Rd. Suite 112
    Gilbert AZ 85296

  20. KendraS

    I was sad to see Coffee Cabana closed on my holiday visit to Arizona this year. Another alternative is Essenza, on Southern and Alma School.

  21. Kevin

    I’m considering opening another coffee shop in the same location as the Coffee Cabana. I think our shop would capture pretty much feel that it sounded the Cabana had, but with a much broader menu. What would everyone think about that? Let me know.

  22. Joe painter

    Hi, I made the original painting in the shop (when it was)
    and also made the mosaic table ( I have a photo of the underside of it). The original shop was the best, shirelle, Mike, Michelle etc.. nothing compares to it.

  23. Jimmy

    well, they werent the original crew but a little bit after. i still have the original crews phone list somewhere. lol. i run into it every once in a while when im cleaning up. i have the “coffee cabana” kinda tropical sign that was right outside the bathroom doors.

  24. William

    Lol. Good luck with the lease kevin.

  25. Sheila

    Was wondering if anyone that had worked there or owned Coffee Cabana would be willing to share the Aztec Shake recipe or tips to make it? I went to school at ASU several years ago and drank them like crazy. I have since moved out of state and haven’t been able to get anything close!! I was so disappointed to hear that the shop closed so I won’t even be able to get one on a visit! Please help a girl out!

  26. William

    Sure. Its simple. Go down to Smart and Final and get some aztec d coro hot chocolate mix. They call it “aztec powder”. You can mix it with hot chocolate or ice cream. The proportions are on the side.. but its usually just a little scoop with everything you put it in. hope that helps!

  27. Hello, Will. I, too, was interested in the real estate of your old place. I own a cake shop across the street past Denny’s, it used to be a smoothie place. Was actually eyeing the place to move to. Thanks for sharing, I think I’ll have to look elsewhere or stay put. Wonder what they are putting there?

  28. I’m one of the first employees at coffee cabana. i let and started my shop in 2003 we sell a few drinks with the aztec powder. The sharkbite is the most popular come see us. azcoffeecove.com

  29. Michelle K.

    Drove by the old spot yesterday and was suprised that nothing has moved in. You would think the owner of the place has lost quite a bit of money since it’s been vacant for the past two years.