This spring I’m going on a trip to New Zealand and Australia (for about 10 days). I’ll be visiting Auckland first, and a bunch of other places along the way. Does anybody have recommendations for coffee houses I should visit?

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  1. Check out a little coffee shop in the city called Brother Baba Budan. They are making the best coffee in melbourne at the moment.

    359 Little Bourke Street
    Melbourne 3000

  2. MBlack

    Its hard to go wrong for good coffee in Auckland, especially Downtown or in Mt Eden. Anywhere using beans from Underground, Atomic or Allpress roasters are a good bet. A couple of our Auckland favourites are Gloria (downtown) and Triniti of Silver (Mt Albert). Where else in NZ are you visiting?

  3. I just got back from a few weeks in New Zealand. If you haven’t already left, be sure to visit Ben’s Barista Empire in Auckland. Here’s a link to location:

    Don’t know if you’ll be near Cairns in Australia, but the Atherton Tablelands just west of the city are where most of the beans are grown. Try to get a hold of some Highland Pearls.

    Enjoy! I had a great time down there. Both countries are a blast … and my trips there got me into this whole blogging thing.