Miss Manners answers a question from a barista who feels ignored by her customers.

The question is definitely interesting: I’d like to wish most people have generally good manners. What’s your take? Are you polite when you order coffee?

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  1. hb

    Im always super nice to the cashier and barista, but I see some people that are extremely rude and don’t leave tips. A simple Hello and a good tip will do the job.

  2. davep

    I like a quick chat with the barista. It’s always nice to hear how someone else’s day is going, even if it’s pretty much a cultural greeting.

  3. I’ve noticed “How’s it going” is becoming a greeting instead of a question. I call it the “wassup” effect. Although some people don’t have the time or courtesy to respond to honest questions.

    Another problem is that customer service people get paid to be sociable. So some people, like myself at times, just assume that an employee is asking because they’re being paid to, not because they’re interested.

  4. Mary Clark

    I agree with Michael, e.g. at *$s they get paid to do it. Sometimes is so fake, I cannot reply back.
    On the other hand, you can tell the difference at local shops, like the extinct INZA, where the baristas like Carlos, Tuto, Britnie, Adriana, etc, they greeted me like one of their friends.
    I miss them so much!
    If the owner makes his employees proud, they will greet customers like if they where the owners.

  5. Jason Nulph

    I like it when people are just nice and perky, with all the coffee you would believe they would have no choice.

  6. javagirl

    When I read this question I was a little surprised by it. Sure, some customers just come in to get their coffee and leave. They don’t come for conversations or friendships. Yet, like all customer service jobs, all you need is a true smile, a uplifting personality and even those who are having a bad day – end up coming back for more. You need to make them feel like you are truly happy to see them and look forward to seeing them again. Maybe it comes from the heart – just like your coffee preparation should.