Just an open question to the community… have your coffee drinking habits changed at all over the last few years? Mine really haven’t, just drinking a lot of cappuccinos and iced coffees this summer. If I know a shop doesn’t have the best coffee, I’ll usually go for the iced coffee.

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  1. Brewed Coffee and a shot of espresso

  2. Yes, my habits have changed. Until a year ago I was drinking mostly americano’s, but the quality of iced latte from Lola, Royal at the Market & Giant Coffee has encouraged me to switch over for the hot months. I’m sure I’ll try out the Red Eye as things get cooler, now that I know what it is.

  3. There’s no voting provision for the following:


    Maybe combine it into a single “Pour Over” category? Otherwise you’re missing out on a lot of votes, I’m sure.

  4. Hi Victor, those are some good thoughts. A little late now (I was out of town), but I’ll repeat this poll next year and include your suggestions.