I’m surprised that coffee garland’s aren’t all the rage this Christmas season! It’s such a simple idea… I wonder if it would work? Maybe it requires too much work to drill a small hole through each coffee bean. Nevertheless, I’d like to see someone give it a try. I thought of the idea while looking at some popcorn garland’s.

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  1. Do you think a coffee garland might bring tears instead of cheers to coffee lovers? Imagine seeing a garland made out of your favorite steak? 🙂

  2. Imagine a world where all garlands were made from coffee beans.

  3. karen m.

    it’s actually a very cute idea. time intensive, but cute.

    o.k. you do one first chris.

  4. Yeah, I might actually make one of these. I don’t want to think about how much time it would take, though.

  5. Karen m.

    i wonder if the beans would still be intact after twenty years? if so, we could pro rate your time investment.

  6. Brian Sheahan

    Chris –

    Please, don’t. Allow me to save you the troubles. Victoria put together a popcorn string of garland together and after 3 days, she almost tore my head off – CLEAN off. You’re likely to kill a co-worker should you undertake such a project! Instead, buy one. Trust me.

    Trust me.

  7. Haha, ok. Good advice all around. I don’t have time, anyways. Unless someone has a rare variety of super long coffee beans.

  8. karen m.

    if you are looking for holiday decorating ideas, don’t forget that heavily sedated pets make unusual centerpieces.

    just kidding, i love my dogs.