I’ve never been out to Verrado but from this article it sounds like a potential hot spot for a coffee shop.

Verrado does have a smoothie shop and the Raven Grill up the street. Lang says she would like to see a coffee shop next.

Grazie’s owners, Maurizio and Sandi Cristiani, were attracted to the southwest Valley for its high growth rate. The pair also liked the lifestyle in Verrado.

The community bills itself as a “hometown” and centers on a pedestrian-friendly Main Street.

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  1. Geraldine

    Would love to see a coffee shop here. Basha’s sells coffee but a major chain would be appreciated by some of us who live here.

  2. CJ

    Any type or coffee/sandwich shop would do very well here. We have a pharmacy, bank, grocery store, smoothie bar, and now pizzeria/winebar. Come check out Verrado, we’d love to have you stroll our very pedestrian-friendly Main Street.

  3. Giuseppi