What do you all think of these Coffee Joulies? Todd Welfelt just emailed me this link, and it’s kind of interesting. Todd wrote me saying “I ran across a truly unique coffee product on April 1 and thought it was an April Fools Joke. Turns out, it’s not.”

As of now, it looks like they’re way past their target goal of raising $9,500 and have raised over $143,000! Dang, that’s a nice little kickstart.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Phred

    Extreme novelity factor
    They missed the faux disposible income wave by a few years

  2. Todd

    Well, I did my research, studied PCM, read all of their information, and I am officially a backer. I’ve always thought coffee was best warm, not hot. Unfortunately, the time period between ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ is all too short. They may work, they may not, but they will be interesting conversation starters no matter how you slice it. They have also decided to start up production in the USA just a few miles from where I lived in New York. Cool stuff.

  3. It’s funny, I didn’t see this at first as something covering up a problem — that of too-hot coffee. But yeah, interesting observation Brian.

    Good link, too.

    I drink my cappuccino’s so fast, and my coffee faster. So if you know me, you know I wouldn’t bother buying this.

    You can always buy a cup warmer, haha!

  4. Oh, Brian – I got some good shots of you off of my camera I’ll have to send later. Just some shots of you behind the bar I took a few weeks ago.

  5. Jason

    I think these are dumb to be honest. To put something foreign in your coffee or latte like in the video. How about not steaming the milk so hot where you can enjoy it sooner. Milk shouldn’t be that hot anyway where you burn your mouth. Just wait till the first person forgets about them and swallows one and chokes and sues them.

  6. The idea of putting foreign objects in your coffee sounds a bit weird. You have to worry about ensuring they are clean, and they will rattle around, not to mention the fact that they would take up a lot of room that could have otherwise held coffee.

    Why not take this idea a step further and just create an insulated coffee *mug* that had this special thermal material embedded in or between the inner lining? That way, you could just pour your drink into the mug and the mug itself would cool it down and release the heat back into the coffee over time.

    I’ve got dibs on the intellectual property! Email me for licensing rights! 😀

  7. Psyd

    I’m going to make me some Pizza Joulies. I know, it’s hard when you get the pizza and you burn the roof of your mouth with the hot cheese. But, when you wake up the next morning and reach under the bed, the pizza has reached room temperature, and the excitement seems to have leaked out of it and leeched in the cardboard box.
    With new Pizza Joulies, it’s like a fibreglass insulator that keeps the cheese from contact with your palate, and keeps the warmth of the pizza inside the box long after the beer has gone flat.

  8. I love good pizza best when it’s so hot that it burns the top of my mouth despite a little pain. It’s kinda like cupping; you simply cannot discover all the secrets of a particular coffee without burning some taste buds in the process.

    Yeah, go joules! Doooooooooooooh!!

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